Pittsburgh Geeks Buyout Bingo

Every now and then, we get hit with the need to write a little PHP code. If we can be snarky at the same time, all the better! And so, we present Buyout Bingo. Rules are at the bottom.

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The colored squares represent companies that have been bought.
Touchtown Medrad ContentVision InterScope Laurel Networks
Vocollect Respironics Spinnaker FreeMarkets SmartOps
Ansoft Cepstral Free bingo space! Comanage Carnegie Learning
Telerama Black Box Eizel TimeSys TissueInformatics
Panasas NetSpoke medSage CombineNet Cellomics

How to play:

Print out a bingo card. Pin it up on your cubicle, office door, fridge, wherever.

Read the PG, Trib, or Business Times. If a company on your card is bought out, cross it off.

If a company goes under, the square is dead, even if the company's assets are bought by scavengers in bankruptcy court. (That's not a buyout; that's carrion.) Color the square gray or paste little skulls on it. If you have friends there, buy them a beer. If their options were vested, buy them single-malt.

When you get five buyout squares in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal), you win.

The prize, alas, is exactly what most of the employees of the bought-out companies win: nada. But hey, it's been a valuable experience!

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